TianDe Nourishing shampoo with ginseng root 450ml

It increases the resistance of the scalp, extends the life of hair follicles, prevents the formation of dandruff. Suitable for all hair types

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Exceptionally high content of ginseng extract provides hair with ideal nourishment, increases the resistance of the scalp, extends the life of hair follicles. It rebuilds the structure of the hair giving it an intensive shine, accelerates growth and extends its life cycle. Thanks to its gentle formula, the shampoo perfectly cleanses the hair and makes it soft and well styled. Specially developed complex of ingredients prevents the formation of dandruff. Recommended for all hair types regardless of age.


Apply the shampoo evenly to damp hair, leave for 2-3 minutes and rinse.

TianDe Cosmetics Hair Shampoo

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 The root has been valued in Chinese medicine for 4000 years. Root extract is used in the cosmetic industry because of its rejuvenating effects. It has antioxidant properties and anti-cancer properties. It stimulates epidermis renewal, restores unbalanced skin, perfectly tones (reduces skin surface tension), firms and rejuvenates, prevents alopecia, splitting hair, strengthens immunity, revitalizes, improves blood circulation. Favourably influences the work of internal secretion glands, delays the aging process.