Series Placenta

TianDe series of cosmetics with placenta (bearing) is designed for face care from the age of 35.

The most important advantages of bearing cosmetics are natural ingredients, hypoallergenicity and expected effect, which is extremely important for every woman. The uniqueness of bearing preparations lies in the fact that such components cannot be synthesised or separated from plants. The basic ingredient of this line is placenta extract.

Placenta (bearing extract) biologically active preparation of animal origin. It consists of a complex of physiologically active components: amino acids and above all glycine and alanine, mineral salts of sodium, potassium, chlorine, phosphorus, low molecular weight of proteins, nucleic acids, enzymes. Placenta has a bio-stimulating effect on the skin, which is essential in very effective creams for the care of aging and dull skin. Placenta extract is an exceptionally strong immunostimulator, which has a good effect on skin cells, blocking free radicals - one of the causes of skin aging. It consists of Q10 coenzymes - a potential source of energy and a strong antioxidant. One of the most important components of placenta extract are glycans, thanks to which the synthesis of collagen and elastin of the skin is strengthened. This rich complex also contains nucleic acids that stimulate genetic memory.

This line uses sheep's bearings, which are characterized by compatibility with human skin components. Therefore, its biologically active ingredients absorb and give a visible rejuvenation effect, thanks to the natural stimulation of exchange processes, ensuring the formation of new cells. Bearing substances force cells to "remember their youth" at their biological level. They ensure skin renewal thanks to the formation of new, young cells. Traditional cosmetics can only partially prevent aging. Bearing cosmetics, in turn, remove the cause of changes in the skin structure and help the body to extract hidden reserves. Sheep's placenta extract consists of five active elements acting at the cellular level:

1) an element of strengthening the immune resistance of IFN (strengthens the ability of cells to stimulate metabolism, daily renews cells exposed to the influence of free radicals);

2) TGF growth element (appearance of pimples, gorges in adolescents, restores muscle function);

3) EGF epidermis growth element (regulates exchange processes, nourishes new cells, maintains adequate skin hydration);

4) nerve cell growth element NGF (regulates the hormonal zone);

5) an important factor in the formation of AFGF fibres (improves skin elasticity, prevents the appearance of wrinkles).

The cosmetics of the bearing line include components that strengthen the action of the bearing extract: castor oil, propolis, roasted wheat oil, aloe extract.

Products from the series Placenta

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