Series Master Herb

It includes cosmetics for the care of problem skin of teenagers and adults, salt baths for legs and hair care cosmetics. This line was created according to the unique recipe of ancient Chinese masters, combined with modern production technologies. Thanks to this, Master Herb cosmetic products give noticeable results in a short time.

Active ingredients of cosmetics included in the Master Tea line for problem skin care: Jojoba oil, coconut oil glucoside, sage extract, aloevera extract, honeysuckle extract, sage root extract, camphor oil, chrysanthemum extract, green tea, sea algae, bentonite, Hazel extract, kaolin, Ling Zhi fungus extract, bay laurel oil, orange blossom extract, bamboo extract, lamb's grouse, liquorice, pearl nanoparticles, chestnut extract, tea tree oil. Extracts of these plants soothe irritated skin, eliminate peeling, remove swellings, improve exchange processes in the skin, nourish, moisturize and rebuild damaged skin.

Master Herb hair care cosmetics include the following active substances: ginger extract, ginseng, ginseng, large-flowered knot, shou-Wu, angelica, Ganoderma, fruit furrow, thyme, gastrody or Tian Ma, rosemary, alfalfa, sesame, lovage. This is a line of intensive prophylactic shampoos and lotions. The unique plant composition of these cosmetics, combined with the therapeutic effect gives visible effects: hair bulbs are strengthened, hair loss is reduced, dandruff disappears and hair color is renewed.

Products from the series Master Herb

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