Why register with TianDe:

  • we have one of the largest cosmetic offers on the market

  • you are given the opportunity to buy products according to the consultant's price list

  • Possibility to open your own service centre, Tiande lounge

  • unlimited opportunities for personal development depending on one's own willingness and contribution of work

  • set your own working hours

  • you achieve financial independence (passive income)

  • you have an influence on the creation of your own team

  • you receive support from us, training to prepare the work of a Tiande consultant


Registering with TianDe does not oblige you to do anything.
You can interrupt your cooperation at any time. There are no consequences or costs.

We invite you to cooperate with TianDe at least:
Persons interested in purchasing for their own use and for resale (as a TianDe consultant).
Owners of beauty salons, SPAs, massages, beauty parlours, etc.

A TianDe consultant is a person who intends to buy products for himself or herself every month, to purchase products for resale and to build a consultant structure.  The consultant acquires the right to receive the commission resulting from the marketing and financial plan.

A TianDe customer is a person who intends to buy products for himself or herself. At any time, the customer can work with TianDe as a consultant for the company.