Tiande Cosmetics Service Centre

We sell and promote Tiande products. Our mission is the continuous development of the Tiande brand and building a positive image of the company. It also builds a network of distributors, consultants and Tiande stores. We are guided by the idea of being a team in which everyone wants to work and is convinced that he or she has made a good choice by putting his or her trust in Tiande. Working with us as part of the international TianDe corporation gives you the opportunity to create your own business without any risk and guarantees financial stability.

Tiande products are a collection of high quality cosmetics, developed on the basis of ancient recipes of Eastern medicine and the latest scientific research.

TianDe's commercial offer includes more than 500 products in the following areas: facial, body, hair, make-up, perfume, dietary supplements, personal care products and many others.

Tiande products are based on natural ingredients such as placenta, ginseng, ginger, snake skin and fat, shark oil, sturgeon egg collagen, dovetail saliva, bamboo salt, pearl, gold, silver, silicon, snail mucin, numerous altaean and Tibetan herbs and others....

Thanks to the high percentage of active ingredients, Tiande products are highly effective. The results of using these products are comparable to the therapeutic effect.

The high quality of TianDe cosmetics production is confirmed by the international certificate ISO 9001-2000.