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Cosmetic products for men have been created on the basis of comprehensive knowledge of physiological properties and needs of men's skin.
      The structure of male skin is almost no different from that of women, but it is stronger. The basic differences between the female and male skin are mainly related to the differences in the hormonal background, which have a visible impact on it. For example, the high level of male hormones in men persists throughout their lives. At the same time, the high content of androgens stimulates the sebaceous glands, which is why men's skin is often inflamed. Strong sex representatives also have more sweat glands.
      Men's skin is more exposed to aggressive environmental factors: daily shaving, permanent damage to the skin, sun exposure (men do not use protective creams and primers) provokes the occurrence of irritation, peeling, dry skin.
      Men's subcutaneous connective tissue is less pronounced, but has the opposite of collagen fibres, so wrinkles appear later and are less visible, but are more difficult to correct. One more difference men do not have cellulite.
With improper care, men's skin becomes sensitive and dehydrated.
      All the above properties were taken into account when creating lines for men. Therefore, the products of the series effectively nourish, soften and moisturize the skin, rebuild its defensive functions, eliminate irritation and regulate the hydrolipid balance. Creams created especially for men contain substances absorbing excess sebum and thus prevent oily shine of the skin during the day.
      Active ingredients of the series for men: jojoba oil, coco glucoside, castor oil, sea algae extract, soya glyceride, xanthan gum, wheat protein hydrolysate, purified fat from snakes, almond oil.

Products from the series For men

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